I ordered an item from these guys. It arrived, it was fine. No problem.

Then the spam email started. I could find no opt-out in the mails themselves, or on the site. I contacted the company, and was able to communicate with a human being (which is nice, I'll give 'em that). However, the arrogant and offensive nutcase I spoke with told me that there was absolutely no way they could remove me from the list. She suggested that if I didn't like spam, I should've ordered by phone instead.

The likelihood of my doing further business with them had at that point reached a very low order of probability.

I started marking their email as spam in GMail. Well, I must not have been the only one, because they found a way around it and the spam began to appear in my inbox again. I would guess that they were marked spam by a lot of former customers, and had to contact Google and claim that they weren't spam after all. Some of their email is certainly legitimate communication regarding orders. They should have the brains to send legitimate email and spam from two different domains. I ended up posting a complaint about that on Google Help.

Somehow, that got somebody's attention. They must Google themselves. I heard from Uncommon Goods again, this time from the Director of Marketing. He apologized and removed me from the list. At last. This had gone on for weeks.

It shouldn't take that much work for a customer to get a simple request honored.

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