The customer service is disappointing and well below the excellence rating that they claim. I ordered a product and received another customers parcel, they claimed that Borderfree was at fault and initially refused to contact Borderfree for a free return label so I...
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I've been ordering online for years and have had some great experiences and some not-so-great experiences but this one takes the cake. I ordered a make-your-own ukulele kit and a couple of other small items mid-December and didn't hear anything for a couple of weeks so...
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I didn't like
  • Delivery takes forever and still not here
I custom ordered two picures, one of which was a Christmas present, and the other as a thank you for friends. Even though the Christmas gift was promised on a certain date, it took several follow-up emails on my part in order for it to be delivered on Christmas Eve!...
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Similar thing happen to me with personalized art work. I received the wrong customers order and went through a very frustrating process with customer service and have not rece...

Purchased an item that offered personalized artwork. Received it incorrectly spelled.However it was correct on the order sheet! Called to request replacement, was assured it would be taken care of. No sign of a replacement. Called again and was informed they never...
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Westhampton, Massachusetts
I recently purchased a product that Uncommon Goods claimed had been made in the USA. And imagine my surprise to find a big, fat "Made in China" stamped in huge letters on the bottom of the packaging. For a company who claims to carefully vet and verify the provenance...
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Ordered item and paid extra for shipping so that it would arrive in time for Farther's Day. Received email two days later, notifying me that it had been shipped, but the delivery date was 5 days after the delivery date I was quoted when I purchased the item!!!!! ...
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I ordered this book for a 50th birthday party way ahead of when I needed it. When I received it, I saw that many of the pages were blurry. There were streaks in some of the pages. Customer Service initially said they would replace the book with a new one. But...
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Online Order Review

Worse company I have ever TRIED to order from. Don't waste your time or money. I was charged 4 times for an item I never received. Had to have Amex do the refund. Calling customer service is like talking to toddlers and trying to make them understand before they throw a temper tantrum and talk over you.
Customer service
Discounts and Special Offers
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Ordered a gift for a child to be delivered in time for her birthday in early Dec.'14. She didn't get it; instead of sending it to her in Portland, Oregon, they sent it to me in Beverly Hills. I called them and they said they'd email me a mailing label so I could ship...
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I ordered an item from these guys. It arrived, it was fine. No problem. Then the spam email started. I could find no opt-out in the mails themselves, or on the site. I contacted the company, and was able to communicate with a human being (which is nice, I'll give 'em...
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